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Pauline Dickson, founder and Managing Director of Dickson Lewis, has been working exclusively in the field of Accountancy both locally and within the International market since 1997. Pauline is a fully qualified Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP) and their Regional Director for Scotland.

Pauline's extensive knowledge and experience has continuously and successfully guided her candidates, clients and consultants through the recruitment process. Her deep insight includes what clients look for in a CV, how to excel during the interview process and what makes a candidate a star candidate. This not only benefits clients and candidates working with Dickson Lewis in Accountancy, but has also assisted many individuals with various backgrounds through all aspects of career transition resulting in Dickson Lewis being accredited by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Pauline believes that working closely and collaboratively with clients is the way to achieve mutual respect with shared rewards and that her business will continue to grow through personal recommendation.

Contact direct at: pauline@dicksonlewis.com

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