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Interview advice.

The interview process should start long before your actual meeting with the interviewer. At Dickson Lewis we meet our clients before progressing a vacancy, providing us with a wealth of information to assist you in getting the best results.

Interviews can vary and often take on different formats including competency based, presentations or the use of testing as a selection method. These can be daunting to prepare for, especially so if you are out of the habit.

Dickson Lewis will take time to discuss how you can approach the interview with confidence by demonstrating a deep understanding of the organisation you are meeting, their internal culture, the position in question and the personality and background of the people you will be meeting.

Working together, we ensure you are fully prepared. After the interview we will get detailed information to provide you with constructive feedback.

Some basic interview tips

    • Be prepared. Find out about the company interviewing you.

    • Know yourself, your ability and your achievements.

    • Make eye contact and create rapport where possible.

    • Concentrate on your strengths.

    • Take a positive view of things. Show motivation.

    • Avoid premature salary discussions.

    • Concentrate on the idea of making a contribution and your shared values.

    • Maintain the pace they set. Don't feel you have to rush your answers.

    • Always protect the confidence of your past employer and be positive about the reasons you left.

    • Have some questions prepared about the aspirations of their business. This shows intelligence, enthusiasm and genuine interest.

After the interview

    • What was your first impression of the employer?

    • Did you get the impression they were really interested in you?

    • Write down your initial thoughts so you can refer back and make a judgement.

    • Give honest feedback to your consultant.

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